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Accommodation Regulations – All Permits Suspended Until Further Notice

In recent years, the conversion of many houses to daily rentals has resulted in a shortage in the housing market, especially for long-term rentals. After several months of ongoing discussion around the precipitous increase of short-term rentals in Bonavista and the growing concern around a long-term housing shortage, The Bonavista Town Council has decided to temporarily suspend the review of all business permit applications for all types of accommodations until a set of formal Accommodation Regulations have been implemented.

The purpose of Accommodation Regulations is to prevent further erosion of the existing housing in the community. This permit suspension does not mean all accommodation businesses will not be approved. Businesses are encouraged to submit business applications prior to the start of any housing conversion and/or renovations. Once regulations are in place, all submitted applications will be reviewed. Those applications meeting the Accommodations Regulation requirements will be approved.


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