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SAM Member Since: July 2013
Area Protected: 826 acres

Bonavista's Conservation areas have habitat of critical importance to waterfowl and other wildlife, generally providing prime habitat for nesting and brood rearing.


In addition, the wetlands, unique shorelines, and coastal regions are home to several species at risk. Peregrine falcon, Ivory gull and Short-eared owl have all been observed around the coastal areas of Bonavista. Gray-cheeked thrush and Rusty blackbirds, which prefer coniferous-dominated areas and wetlands, have also been spotted.

The Town of Bonavista and the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador signed a Habitat Stewardship Agreement in July 2013, committing to the conservation and enhancements of wildlife habitat within the town's planning boundaries, known as Conservation Areas (CA's), making up approximately 826 acres of critical wildlife habitat. Bonavista is a local champion of wildlife conservation and an integral link in a chain of committed partners across North America. In eastern Canada, this partnership is known as the Eastern Habitat Joint Venture (EHJV).

Conservation Areas
  • Old Days Pond and Canal Management Unit

  • Beaver Pond, Hospital Pond and adjacent wetland and upland area Management Unit

  • Water Supply Area Management Unit

  • Cape Bonavista Coastal Stewardship Zone

Wildlife Watching
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