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Welcome to the Town of Bonavista


Welcome to the official web site for The Town of Bonavista. We hope to provide you with relative  information that is both current and practical for your needs. Our citizens will be able to view ongoing news and events as well as take advantage of posted Forms and  Applications.

Tourists, prospective private and commercial investors and for everyone to enjoy - Photo galleries, Video gallery, Interactive Events Calendar, and much more. Also sign our Guestbook or leave us a Comment.  We look forward to hearing from you!

The Town of Bonavista believes in growth and prosperity and welcome new citizens from around the world to come study, work and invest in our soaring community.  A great place to raise a family and invest in a booming commercial market, the Town of Bonavista has so much to offer and we have provided an Immigration Portal to help in this regard. 

 Please take some time to look through our website and learn more about our community, its history, and its people.


"When you visit the town of Bonavista, you might be hard-pressed to decide what impresses you most: the community's tangible history, its traditional personality, or the stunning beauty of this place. A trip to Bonavista is not only a happy sight, but a happy stay as well."


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